Kat de Haan
Junior User Experience Researcher and Designer

Telus mHealth Elder Care Proposal

Telus mHealth Elder Care Proposal



To propose a comprehensive and persuasive in-home elder care solution using IoT technology on behalf of Vandrico Solutions Inc.


Diagram I designed for the final pitch

Diagram I designed for the final pitch

  • Research reports including a literature review of in-home eldercare efforts by Canadian companies and government agencies.

  • Marketing materials including visual aids demonstrating how Vandrico Inc.’s proprietary software would enable the coordination of IoT devices in elder care.

My Role

  • Background research into elder care culture in Canada.Creating scenarios demonstrating potential value of wearable tech to in-home care stakeholders.

  • Creating personas to communicate how patients' autonomy could be improved by IoT solutions.

  • Producing marketing graphics and copy Illustrating how Vandrico was uniquely positioned to implement these solutions.

Process Elements


  • Strategy roadmap


  • Desk research

  • Personas

  • User interviews


  • Concept scenarios


Key Methods


2015-09-12 (1).jpg

Sketching served a number of purposes in this project– not only did it make for an efficient means of communicating ideas between departments, but it also allowed for ideas to be presented early in the process, which in turn enabled various stakeholders to give feedback early on, contributing to a more holistic view of the problem at hand.

Concept Scenarios


Keeping the end product of a persuasive marketing pitch in mind, I created a series of concept scenarios based on my research into in-home elder care. These visual aids enabled our COO to more effectively illustrate how internet-enabled devices could be a solution to problems commonly encountered by care-takers of the elderly.


The marketing pitch developed demonstrated how elder care could be significantly improved through the coordination of IoT devices, and specifically, how Vandrico’s proprietary server would be central to that solution.

Key Insights

While the end goal of this phase of the project was a marketing pitch, UX methods were nonetheless instrumental in informing the solution, and creating a pitch that was both feasible and innovative.